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  Economic opportunities of globalization on developing countries:

  First, economic globalization for developing countries to attract more foreign investment conditions and opportunities. To attract foreign investment scale will no doubt help to solve the problem of shortage of funds in developing countries.

  Second, economic globalization for developing countries outside of the capital voted to create a favorable external environment and conditions, so that foreign direct investment scale is continually expanding and growing fast.

  Third, economic globalization brought about a worldwide economic and technological development zones and bonded areas and free trade zones and other forms of development of free economic zones.

  Fourth, the economic globalization so that the worldwide industrial restructuring was further deepened, the pace of increase. Developing countries can take advantage of this opportunity to follow based on reality and focus on the future of the organic unity and take the initiative to coordinate the worldwide industrial restructuring and upgrading of domestic industries relationship.

  Fifth, economic globalization has promoted the development of transnational corporations in developing countries so that in the world market gradually. However, the development trend, as a result of economic globalization for developing countries in the broader field of active participation in international competition opportunities for transnational corporations in developing countries more actively active in the world economic stage of the era just around the corner.

  Sixth, the economic globalization has driven the rapid development of international trade. Although developed countries are the biggest beneficiaries of international trade, but developing countries, especially developing countries in Asia also benefited from international trade, its trade volume of world trade accounted for about 20% of the total.



  With the rapid social and economic development, globalization comes not to be an unfamiliar word to all of us. Though we are living in the affection of it, yet it is hard to tell it’s advantages and disadvantages.

  Globalization phenomenon is an outcome of social development. The typical types are economic globalization, cultural globalization. As we all know, it is a double-edged sword. Therefore, we must pay more attention on this phenomenon and it’s development trend.

  Globalization has so many advantages, such as it makes the world become a small village and let people touch each other more convenient and easy, it increase free trade between nations and give the developing countries a terrific opportunity to develop themselves in all aspects quickly. What’s more, it can reduce the cultural barriers and let various of cultural get a better communication and development. On the contrary, it also has a lot of

  disadvantages. Because under globalization, every country’s economy can make a great influence of others, it make the economy of the world more fragile. In order to possess the good chance and precious resources, the disputes and even wars may take place between nations. In recent years, great risk of diseases being transported between nations has also become a threaten to people.

  As the globalization has become an irrevocable trend, we must adjust it. This phenomenon is an opportunity as well as a challenge. Consequently, every person, every nation should try the best to get a good position in the process of globalization and make full use of such a vital chance to be stronger.


  Economic globalization benefits the world immensely, especially the prosperity of tourism. As a result,the cultures, languages and customs in the minorities are notmysterious to the world any more, which should be attributed to thepopularity of tourism.

  It is a consensus that tourism canstimulate the economic development in a region, since tourism playsan important role in the acceleration of the improvement ofservice, such as transportation, accommodation, catering and othermarginal business. With a view to attracting more tourists, theminority regions have to consider how to improve their image andservice, during the course of which they can have an overall planto promote the status of their region. Nowadays, many people travelfor minority regions to satisfy their curiosity, where they canhave unexpected findings. Furthermore, tourism can strengthenthe interflow of cultures and traditions between the people indifferent regions. Trips to minority countries and regions renderpeople a lot of new cultures and customs, which, presumably, havebeen handed down from old ages and enjoyed very splendid history.

  Formerly, people can only get some segments about the minoritiesfrom videos, films and other incomplete descri ptions on books. Now,tourists have more opportunities to communicate or even live withthe minority people and acquire first-hand knowledge about them,which provides the researchers with a lot of authentic information.

  Admittedly, tourism damages thenatural environment in some minority regions and spoils thepeaceful life of them to some degree due to their frequentactivities in the minority regions, the environment beingdeteriorated in some regions, which is not what we expected. Generally, the popularity of Englishand tourism brings more advantages than damage to the minorityregions, since it has enriched people’s knowledge and widened theirhorizons. But meanwhile, we should be on the alert for the damageto the minority regions and take effective means to tackle theproblems tourism arouses.


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