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Most people accept that we now live in a globalized world but not everyone agrees that this is beneficial. To what extent is globalization a positive or negative development?(2016年11月真题)

assimilate/integrate into (动)融入

Country of origin, native country (名) 祖国

Culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds 不同的文化和语言背景

Cross-cultural communication/interaction 跨文化交流

Cultural assimilation 文化同化

Cultural background 文化背景

Cultural clash 文化冲突,碰撞

Cultural differences 文化差异

Cultural diversity 文化多元性

Cultural heritage 文化遗产

Cultural identity 文化认同感

Cultural impact 文化影响

Cultural sustainability 文化可延续性

Cultural tradition 文化传统

Minority culture 少数文化

Minority ethnic group 少数名族

Minority language 少数语言

Global integration 全球一体化

Global village 地球村

Globalized world 全球化的世界

Historic places/sites 历史遗址

Home country, native country 祖国

Host community/society 当地社区

Impoverished/underdeveloped country 贫穷国家/欠发达国家

Industrialized/developed country 工业化国家/发达国家

Language barrier 语言障碍

Language difference/gap 语言差异

Multicultural society 多元文化社会

Multiculturalism setting/environment 多元文化环境

Multiracial, mufti-ethnic 多名族的

Nationals, citizens 国民,公民

Native language, mother language 母语

On a global scale 全球范围

Tourism industry, travel industry 旅游业

Tourist attractions 旅游景点

Tourist destinations 旅游胜地

Transition countries 经济转型的国家

Western culture 西方文化

Westernization 西方化

Consumer society 崇尚消费的社会

Increase international trade 增进国际贸易

Are too materialistic 过于物质化

Luxury items 奢侈品

Multinational companies/corporations 跨国公司

International aid 国际援助

Threaten cultural diversity 威胁文化的多样性

Misuse the aid money 滥用援助资金

Donor countries 援助国

Recipient countries 受援国

Are more interconnected 彼此之间更密切的相互联系着

Protect their heritage ?;に堑奈幕?/p>

From part of their heritage 构成他们文化传承的一部分

Feel disconnected from their heritage 感觉和他们自己的文化传承相脱节

From part of their cultural identity 构成他们文化特征的一部分

Erode their sense of cultural identity 削弱他们的文化认同感

Customs and traditions 风俗和传统

A multicultural society 一个多元化的社会

Are more open-minded 心态更开放

Build good relationships 建设良好的关系

Understand and appreciate cultural differences 理解而且欣赏文化差异

Are exposed to 接触到某种影响

Promote peace and understanding 促进和平与相互理解


In some cities, the governments have tried to reduce traffic. For instance, they imposed a congestion tax during rush hours. Do you think this development is positive or negative?(2017年1月真题)

Authorities 权力机构

Budget constraint 预算

Deprived/disadvantaged people 贫困人口

For-profit corporation 私人企业

Financial aid/assistance 经济资助

Government agencies/officials 政府官员

Government budget 政府预算

Government funding/spending 政府投资

Income disparity/inequality, wealth imbalance 收入不均

Misspending, misallocation, misuse 误用

People from low-income, low socio-economic backgrounds


Policymaker, decision maker 决策者

Private sector, private enterprises 私人企业

Public funds/money 公款

Public expenditure/spending 公共支出

Public service 公共服务(如交通,医疗)

Regulator, lawmaker, legislator 执法者

Social problems/issues 社会问题

State-owned, state-run 国有的,国营的

State-funded, government-sponsored 国家资助的

State sector, public sector 公共行业

Subsidy 补助

Taxpayer 纳税人

Underdeveloped/impoverished countries 欠发达/贫穷国家

Utility 公共服务(如水电煤气供应)

Vulnerable groups 弱势群体

Make the country more competitive 让国家变得更具竞争力

Improve public services 改善公共服务

State pensions 由政府发放的公共养老金

Protect national security 保卫国家的安全

Maintain law and order 维持法律和社会秩序

Improve infrastructure 改善基础设施

Reduce poverty 减少贫困现象

Reduce social inequality 减少社会不公

Introduce laws to... 通过立法来

Is practical and fair 是切实可行而且公正的

Is a short-sighted policy 是一项短视的政策

Run campaigns to encourage people to... 举办大规模的宣传活动以鼓励人们去。。。

Promote fair competition 促进公平的竞争

Make large profits 获得高额的利润

Give financial support/help to...为。。。提供资助

Rely on the government for money 依赖政府的资助

Become financially independent 实现财务独立

Has more important concerns (政府)还有其他更急需关注的领域

Should allocate money fairly 应该公正地分配资金

Is vital to a country’s development 对于国家的发展是至关重要的

Should increase spending on... 应该加大对于。。。的资金投入

Government tax revenue 政府的税收

Put taxes on... 对。。。征税

Impose high taxes on... 对。。。征收重税

Contribute to the economy 为经济作贡献

Make the country less competitive 削弱国家的竞争力

Boost/hinder economic growth 振兴/阻碍经济

Drive local companies out of business 导致当地企业很难生存

Lead similar lifestyle 过着相似的生活

Are driven by profit 是盈利目的所驱动的

Lead to more corruption 导致更多的腐败

Protect national security 保卫国家的安全

Armed forces 武装力量

Military technology 军事科技

Military spending 军用开支


Some think most crime is the result of circumstances e.g. poverty and other social problems. Others believe that most crime is caused by people who are bad by nature. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.——(2014年11月真题)

Bring somebody to justice (动宾短语)使某人绳之以法

Clamp down on/crack down on/curb/combat crime


Criminal, offender, law-breaker 罪犯,违法者

Commit crimes, break laws, violate laws (动宾短语)犯法

Fine ???/p>

nonserious crimes, petty crimes, trivial offences 轻罪

prison terms/sentences 刑罚

serious crimes 严重的罪行

Repeat offender/criminal, habitual criminal 惯犯

Repeat offense 再次犯罪

Retribution, punishment, penalty 惩罚

Nonviolent solutions 和平的方法

One-time offenders 首犯

Reduce crime rates 降低犯罪率

Prevent crime 预防犯罪

Violent crime 暴力犯罪

Deter anti-social behaviour 震慑反社会行为

Reform criminals 改造罪犯

Have a steady source of income 有一个稳定的收入来源

Become law-abiding citizens 变成守法的公民

Give them harsh punishment 给他们严厉的惩罚

Are sent to prison 被关进监狱

Serve long sentences 长时间的服刑

Cause prison overcrowding 导致监狱里人满为患

Lead to resentment 导致怨恨情绪

Are likely to re-offend很可能再次犯罪

Address the root causes of crime 从根本上去解决犯罪问题

Reduce social inequality 减少社会不公

Threaten people’s safety 威胁人们的安全

Increase police patrols 强化治安巡逻

Install security cameras 安装安全监控摄像头

Media violence 媒体里的暴力内容

Glorify violence 美化暴力

Develop anti-social behaviour 形成反社会行为

Computer hackers 电脑黑客

Online fraud 网络诈骗

Break traffic rules 违反建通规则

Improve traffic/road safety 改善交通安全

Raise public awareness of road safety 提高公众道路安全意识

Involve high risks 涉及到很高的风险


Biological/physiological/sex differences 生理差异

Childcare responsibility, child-rearing duties 照顾小孩的责任

Dual-income, dual-job households 父母都工作的家庭

Gender appropriate 性别合适的

Gender balance 性别平衡

Gender bias, gender stereotype 性别偏见

Gender bias 性别的偏见

Gender difference 男女差异

Gender equality/equity 男女平等

Gender imbalance/inequality 男女不平等

Gender role 性别角色

Household/domestic responsibilities 家庭责任

Household/domestic chores 家务

Male-dominated 男性主导的

Masculinity 男子气概

Physical capabilities 身体能力

Sex ratio 性别比例

Sex discrimination 性别歧视

Promote gender equality 促进性别平等

Have equal opportunities for employment and promotion 享有平等的就业和升职机会

Violate their privacy 侵犯他们的隐私


Aging population 老龄人口

Aging society, population aging 人口老龄化

Caregivers 护理工作人员

Health care 健康护理

Late years 晚年

Pension, superannuation 养老金

Retiree,retired people 退休人员

Retirement age 退休年龄

Retirement homes, rest homes, older people’s homes, nursing homes 养老院

Sense of exclusion, sense of isolation 被孤立或者被抛弃的感觉

The elderly, senior people, older people 老年人

Younger generation 年轻一代

Have conservative views on many things 对很多事物持有保守的看法

Generation gap 代沟

Lead to misunderstanding 导致误解


Actual violence 真实暴力

Aggressive 好斗的

Audience, viewer 观众

Censor 删除,审查(新闻,电视节目等)

Copycat crimes 模仿犯罪

Current issues, current affairs 时事

Desenstise 使(某人)对...不敏感

Downplay 轻描淡写

Give an exaggerated account of 夸大

Exposure to violence 接触暴力

Media coverage 媒体报道

Media hype 媒体炒作

Media industry 媒体行业

Media organizations 媒体机构

Media-saturated society/world 充斥媒体信息的社会/世界

Media violence 媒体暴力

News agencies 新闻制作单位

News media 新闻媒体

News story/report/item 新闻报道

Newsworthy 有新闻价值的

Objectionable content 不妥的内容

Paparazzi 狗仔队

Prime-time 黄金时段

Social media website, social networking website 社交网络

The press/media 媒体

Print media 印刷媒体(主要包括报纸和杂志)

Sexual content 色情内容

Television violence, violence on television 电视暴力

The television industry 电视行业

Victim 受害者

Violent crime 暴力犯罪

Influence people’s opinions 影响人们的看法

Boost the sales of products 提升产品的销量

Broaden people’s knowledge and interests 扩展人们的知识和兴趣

Provide reliable information 提供可靠的信息

Are driven by profit 受盈利目的所驱动的

Mislead the public 误导公众


Alternative/renewable resource 可更新能源(如太阳能)

Anti-pollution policies 治污政策

Biodegradable materials 可分解材料

Carbon emissions 碳排放

Carbon footprint 碳足迹

Ecological sustainability 生态持续性

Ecosystem 生态系统

Energy efficient 节能的

Energy inefficient/intensive 耗能的

Environmental awareness 环境意识

Environmental degradation 环境恶化

Environmental effect/impact 对环境产生的后果和影响

Environmental protection 环境?;?/strong>

Environmental responsibility 环境责任

Environmental standards 环境标准

Environmentally benign/friendly/nature-friendly 环保的

Global warming 全球变暖

Green gas emissions 温室气体排放

Natural resources 自然资源

Nature conservation 自然维护

Pollution reduction, mitigation measure 污染减排/缓解措施

Resource-intensive 消耗资源的

Wildlife habitat 野生生物栖息地

Boost crop yield 提高农作物产量

Damage the environment 破坏环境

Household waste 家庭的生活垃圾

Industrial waste 工业垃圾

Industrial production 工业生产

Toxic waste 有毒的废料

Cause smog and acid rain 导致雾霾和酸雨

Traffic noise 交通噪声

Car fumes/traffic fumes 汽车尾气

Increase greenhouse gas emissions 导致温室效应气体的排放增多

Fossil fuels 化石燃料

Solar energy 太阳能

Wind energy 风能

Water power 水电

Are non-renewable energy sources 是不可再生的能源

Energy crises 能源?;?/strong>

Depend on weather conditions 取决于天气的状况

Can help to reduce greenhouse gas emission 有助于减少温室效应气体的排放量

Rapid population growth 人口的快速增长

Consumer goods 消费品

Use more raw materials 使用更多的原材料

Promote sustainable development 促进可持续发展

Put pressure on... 对于。。。构成压力

Conserve energy 节约能源

Meet/fulfil their environment responsibility 履行他们对于环境的义务

Are overcrowded 过度拥挤

Genetically-modified food/GM food 转基因食物

Log forests/cut down forests 砍伐森林

The tourism industry 旅游产业

Long-distance food/food transported over long distance 被远距离的运输食品

Increase greenhouse gas emissions 导致温室效应气体的排放量增多


Commuter 上下班的人

Commercial hub 商业中心

Home-working, telecommuting 在家上班

Industrial area/zone 工业区

Land-scarce 土地稀缺的

Metropolis 大城市

Pace of work 工作节奏

Pace of life 生活节奏

Public transport/transit 公共交通

Relaxed lifestyle 悠闲的生活方式

Rural areas 乡村地区

Rural dweller 乡村居民

Rural-urban disparity 城乡差距

Sense of alienation 疏离感

Spiritual life 精神生活

Stressful 压力重的,紧张的

Stress-induced 压力诱导型

Traffic jam/congestion 交通堵塞

Make traffic more efficient 让交通变得更高效

Urban lifestyle 城市生活方式

Urban/city dweller 城市居民

Wage earner/breadwinner 赚钱养家的人

Make the best use of their time 更好地利用他们的时间

Keep them motivated 保持他们的动力

Make them frustrated 让他们感到挫败感

Do volunteer/voluntary work 做义工

Develop good relationship with their neighbours 与邻居们发展良好的关系

Male communities safer 让社区变得更安全

Harm communities 破坏社区生活

Build a strong sense of community 建立更强的社会责任感

Lead a healthy lifestyle 保持健康的生活方式

Improve their health and well-being 增进健康和幸福感

Reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure 减少患心脏病和高血压的风险

Lead an unhealthy lifestyle 过着不健康的生活

A sedentary lifestyle 缺少运动的生活方式

Have an unbalanced diet 饮食结构不均衡

Home-cooked food 家里做的饭

Fast food 快餐

High-fat food 高脂肪的食物

Contain too much fat 含脂肪过多

Frozen food 冷冻食品

Lead a fast-paced lifestyle 过着快节奏的生活

Pose health risks 构成健康风险

Out door sports 户外运动

Regulate fast food advertising 对快餐广告进行严格的监控

Promote healthy lifestyle 推广健康的生活方式

Improve healthcare services 改善医疗服务

Cause stress and anxiety 导致压力和焦虑

Damage their emotional health 对他们的心理健康有害

Cause frustration 导致挫败感

Develop a good attitude towards... 形成对于。。。的良好心态

Lead a stressful lifestyle 在生活中承受很大的压力

Work long hours 长时间的工作

Often work overtime 经常加班

Have a strong sense of belonging 有一种很强的归属感

Feel homesick 非常思念的亲人

Build a strong sense of community 建设一种很强的社区感

Develop a sense of pride in... 形成对于。。。的荣誉感

Cause eye strain or headache 导致眼睛疲劳或头疼

Develop healthy spending habits 形成良好的消费习惯

Buy things on impulse 冲动的购物

Have high credit card debts 欠很高的信用卡债务

Involve high costs 涉及到很高的费用

Low-cost airline 提供低价航线的航空公司

The gap between rich and poor 贫富差距

Reduce income inequality 减少收入不均


Advanced/latest/up-to-date/high technology 高科技

Computer literacy 计算机文化

Digital literacy 数字文化

Emerging technology 新兴科技

Hand-held device 手持设备

Human-personal interaction 人际互动

High technology 高科技

Internet/web economy 网络经济

Knowledge-based, technology-focused以知识为基础,以技术为中心

Modern technology 现代技术

Old-style, traditional, conventional, old-fashioned 传统,老式

Paperless office 无纸办公室

Personalized experiences 个性化体验

Social isolation 社会隔离

Technological achievement/advance 技术成果

Technological breakthrough 技术突破

Technological development 技术发展

Technological advantages 技术优势

Technological innovation/improvement 技术创新

Telecommuting, teleworking 远程办公

Virtual world 虚拟世界

Make our lives more convenient and comfortable 让我们的生活变得更方便、更舒适

High-tech/labour-saving/time-saving equipment 高科技/节省人力/节省时间的设备

Inventions and innovations 发明和创新

Scientific discoveries 科学的发现

Medical advances 医学的进步

Telecommunications networks 通讯网络


Animal testing, animal-based research, animal experimentation 动物研究,动物实验

Animal maltreatment, animal mistreatment, animal cruelty, animal abuse 虐待动物

Animal pain, animal suffering 动物的痛苦

Animal rights, animal welfare 动物权利

Animal rights activists, animal rights campaigners 动物权利运动者

Conserve 保存

Die out, vanish 消失,消亡

Domestic animals 家养动物

Endangered, threatened, rare animals 稀有动物

Extinct 灭绝

Farm animals 农畜,家畜

Food chain食物链

Higher animals, advanced animals 高等动物

Laboratory(lab) animals 实验室动物

Natural habitat 自然栖息地

Natural surroundings/environment 自然环境

Pet, companion animals 宠物

Sentient 意识,有感知的

Wild animals, wildlife 野生动物

Raise awareness of wildlife conservation 提高野生动物?;ひ馐?/strong>

Reduce biodiversity 削弱生物的多样性

Ivory wildlife products 象牙交易

Illegal wildlife products 非法的野生生物制品

Are kept in cages 被关在笼子里


Adolescence 青春期

Adulthood 成年

Age-appropriate 适龄的

Aggressive 好斗的,有进取心的

Anti-social 反社会

At school 在学校

At college/university 在大学

At/from an early age 从小

Bullying 欺负

Compulsory schooling/education 义务教育

Core subject 核心课程

Disposition, nature, predisposition 天性

Drop out of 退出

Early adulthood 成年早期

Enroll on/for 报名参加

Environmental factor 环境因素

Extra-curricular activities 课外活动

Family/home environment 家庭环境

Field work, practical work, internship 实践工作

First-hand experience/knowledge 亲身经验

Formal education/schooling 学校教育

Formative years 形成性格时期

Hands-on/practical experience 实践经验

Heredity 遗传

Impressionable 易受影响的

Indulgent parents 纵容型父母

Innate, inborn, inherited, endowed 先天的,遗传的

Job market, labor market 就业市场,劳动力市场

Juvenile delinquency, youth crime 青少年犯罪

Learning difficulty/disorder 学习障碍

Neglectful parents 不负责任的父母

Newborn, infant 婴幼儿

Nurturing parents 关爱型父母

Obedient 顺从的

Peer influence, peer effect 同伴影响

Peer learning 同伴学习

Peer pressure 同辈压力

Preschoolers 学龄前儿童

Puberty 青春期

Pupil, schoolchildren 小学生

Rebellious 叛逆的

School-age children 学龄儿童

School performance/academic records 学业成绩

School-to-work transition 从学校过渡到工作

Secondary education/schooling 中等教育

Self-control, self-discipline 自律的

Socio-economic background/status 社会经济背景,地位

Specialist teacher 专科教师,学科教师

Student life 学生生活

Teen years, adolescence 青春期

Tertiary/university/college/education 大专教育

Toddler 蹒跚学步的孩子

Vocational/job training 职业、工作培训

Develop their skills 发展他们的技能

Vocational skill, job skill 职业技能,工作技能

Creative skills 创造力

Artistic skills 才艺技能

Problem-solving skills解决问题的能力

Social skills 社交能力

Teamwork skills 团队合作能力

Improve their academic skills 提高他们的学术能力

Time-management/Money-management skills 管理时间/财务的能力

Broaden their knowledge about 扩展他们关于。。。的知识

Broaden their interests 扩展他们的兴趣爱好

Take part in extra-curricular activities 参加课余活动

Expand their minds 开阔他们的思维

Enrich their learning experience 丰富他们的学习体验

Boost their teamwork skills 提升他们的团队合作能力

Can gain a better understanding of...可以加深对于。。。的理解

Concepts and principles 概念和原理

Develop logical thinking 发展逻辑思维能力

Gain practical experience 获得实践经验

Develop good learning habits形成良好的学习习惯

Study more efficiently 更高效的学习

Increase their interdependence 增强他们的独立性

Become more independent and confident 变得独立而自信

Build their self-confidence 建立他们的信心

Have more creative ideas 更有创意

Express their feelings creatively 用有创意的方式表达自己的情感

Have a talent for 对。。。有天赋

Work closely with their classmates/colleagues 与同学/同事密切的合作

Effective teamwork 有效的团队合作

Prepare them for employment 帮助他们为就业做好准备

Increase their employability 增强他们的就业适应度

Compete for jobs in a global market 在全球化的就业市场上竞争工作机会

The knowledge-based economy 以知识


Upgrade their skills 升级他们的技能

Achieve their career goals 实现他们的事业发展目标



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